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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "Contents" tabRNS:: logo

This tab contains options changing the appearance of Hi-Launcher's Menu items:

  • Item height
    Specifies the height of each menu item. The only exception are the captionless Splitter Menu items that are always as thin as possible.
  • Underline shortcut characters
    In the Item Properties screen you may assign a shortcut character to each Menu item. Here you may specify whether these characters should be underlined in the captions of displayed Menu items. The shortcuts will work regardless of this setting.
  • Persistent selection/highlight
    Select this option to make sure that the selection is always visible in the Menu. If this checkbox is cleared, the selection will vanish after returning from a submenu.
  • Translucent selection/highlight
    Select this option to apply glass effect to selected items in the Menu.
  • Show icons for items with captions
    There are two kinds of Menu items: "captioned" and "captionless" (iconic). Here you may toggle whether the captioned items have their icons shown. The captionless items always display their icons because otherwise they would be completely invisible.
  • Background picture
    Uses an image as the Menu's wallpaper instead of solid item colors selected in the Design The Menu screen. With this checkbox checked those colors will be used as selection/highlight colors only. Tap Pick picture to select the picture.
  • Pick picture
    Opens the Pick Background Picture screen that lets you select the Background picture for the Menu.
HintsRNS:: logo

To change the font size of Menu items, go to Start > Settings > System tab > Screen > Text Size tab.

The background picture (if selected) is aligned in the same way as the picture in the original Start Menu on Windows Mobile. Its origin is located in the top-left corner of the screen.

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Display Options screen

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Visit Hi-Launcher's home site to learn more about the software.

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