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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Item Properties screenRNS:: logo

Elements of this screen let you precisely adjust the Menu item selected in the Design The Menu screen:

  • Shortcut character
    Each Menu item (even the invisible) may have its shortcut key. After pressing the defined key, the item's action is performed.
  • Set as default item
    Only one item in each submenu can have this attribute. Such item will be automatically highlighted once the Menu pops up.
  • Invisible
    If this checkbox is checked, the item will not be displayed in the actual Menu. It can still, however, be launched by its Shortcut character. Use this option to temporarily hide Menu items or a whole structure under Submenu items.
  • Show icon
    If this checkbox is checked, the Menu item consists of an icon and a caption. Otherwise it has a caption only. You cannot clear this checkbox for captionless (iconic) items.
  • Item's default / Automatic
    Uses the item's default icon provided by the system or the item's target if it has one.
  • Hi-Launcher's
    Uses a built-in Hi-Launcher's icon. A single icon is used for all items of each type.
  • Custom
    Uses a user-defined icon. Tap Pick icon to select the icon.
  • Pick icon
    Opens the Pick Icon screen that lets you select the Custom icon for the Menu item.
  • Caption alignment
    Adjusts the horizontal alignment of the item's caption. This setting is enabled only if the Show icon checkbox is cleared. It has the following options: Left (snaps the caption to the left border of the Menu), Indented (snaps the caption to the left border of the Menu and indents it as if there was an icon to the left of it), Center (centers the caption between Menu borders), Right (snaps the caption to the right border of the Menu).
HintsRNS:: logo

You may combine the Shortcut character and Invisible options for items that should be hidden from unauthorized user of your device. In such case only you know the shortcuts that perform the items' actions, and other users are not aware of their existence.

Manipulating with the Caption alignment setting is especially useful when using Splitter items as headlines for groups of Menu items.

Clear the Set as default item option for all items in the Menu to get rid of initial selection.

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