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The "Submenu" item typeRNS:: logo

This item type can be used to create a hierarchical Menu structure with submenus. Each submenu can contain nested items. You can freely navigate between all submenus of your Menu.

To add a Submenu item to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > Submenu.

Enter a caption for the submenu in the Caption text field. This should briefly describe the contents of the submenu in the best possible way.

Tap the Enter >> button to edit the contents of the submenu, that is: to add nested items to it. While editing a submenu, tap the Up soft button to go back to the parent Menu.

HintsRNS:: logo

Hi-Launcher's Menu can contain virtually unlimited number of items - just use submenus to group similar items. Put only the most often used actions in the topmost Menu. Submenus are the right place for all the rest.

Results of practical research show that it is most efficient not to have more than 5 items in one submenu. By following this principle while creating your Menu structure, you can greatly speed-up and simplify your every-day work with the mobile device.

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