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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "Program" item typeRNS:: logo

Menu items with this type launch a particular program. They can also open a selected document automatically.

To add a Program item to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > Program.

To pick a particular program, tap the Pick program button. This will open the Pick Program dialog box which contains three tabs:

  • From Start Menu
    Select a program from your Start Menu.
  • Browse
    Select any executable file in your mobile device or a storage card.
  • Open Document
    Select any document. It will be opened by its associated program.

Special functionality is available when you select a folder (instead of a program) and tap OK. In this case you will be prompted to select what to insert into the Menu:

  • Shortcut to the folder
    The inserted Menu item will open the selected folder in File Explorer.
  • All programs from the folder
    Several items will be inserted, each launching a particular program found in the selected folder.
HintsRNS:: logo

The Program item type lets you create static Menu items only (that run a single program defined while creating the Menu). To create dynamic lists of recently used programs, use the List item type.

If you select a shortcut in the Pick Program dialog box that links to something else that a program or folder, the item type will be automatically changed to the appropriate one: Go To (for Internet links) or Contact (for e-mail, phone number, or text message links).

You may manually modify the parameters of a selected program. To do so, hold the Ctrl button while selecting a program in the list.

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