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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "List" item typeRNS:: logo

Menu items with this type can be used to display a list of recently used programs or phone numbers. In the actual Hi-Launcher's Menu they turn into a series of Menu items that list programs or phone numbers. Programs can be run (or switched to if they are already running), and numbers can be dialed.

To add a List item to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > List.

To set the contents of the list, tap the List items button. This will open the List Items dialog box which contains the following options:

  • Switch task
    The list will consist of running tasks. Selecting one of them will switch to a given task.
  • Start program
    The list will consist of programs that you recently started. Selecting one of them will start the program again, or switch to it if it's still running.
  • End task
    The list will consist of running tasks. Selecting one of them will terminate a given task. All your data should remain safe, however save the open document before using this option.
  • Redial
    The list will consist of contacts with whom you recently spoke by telephone.
  • Maximum number of items
    Specifies the maximum number of items that a given list can contain. The lists will contain less items if more items are not available (e.g. if no more programs are running for the Switch task list type).

The Switch task option can be used together with the Start program and/or End task options:

  • For best results with switching tasks and running recent programs, combine Switch task and Start program options. Such lists will display all running tasks followed by recently started programs.
  • Combining Switch task with End task creates a combo item - tapping on the caption (or icon) switches to the particular task, while tapping on the special X icon terminates the task. Note that the latter is available for captioned items only.

List items cannot have a caption. Instead, an automatic (dynamic) caption will be used in the actual Menu: the name of a program/task or contact.

HintsRNS:: logo

Visit the Display Options > Lists tab to configure the behavior of all List items.

You can exclude certain programs from lists by adding them to the Exceptions > Exclude list.

Do not use captionless (iconic) Redial lists. The icons are identical for all items of such lists, so you will not be able to distinguish the individual contacts.

If you use the Display Options > Lists tab > Avoid duplicates with static Menu items option and combine Switch task with End task (which creates a combo item), then all static Program items in each Menu with such items will also receive the X icon (which terminates the task) if a particular program is running.

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