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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Exceptions screenRNS:: logo

This screen is divided into three tabs containing functions that change Hi-Launcher's integration with certain applications. Each tab contains a list of tasks/programs affected by a given exception.

  • Disable
    Add to this list those tasks that are incompatible with Hi-Launcher. As a result, Hi-Launcher's triggers will be disabled if the given task is in the foreground. This option might also be helpful if your trigger has a special meaning in tasks added to this list, and you would rather like to maintain its original behavior.
  • Exclude
    Tasks/programs added to this list are not displayed in List items of Hi-Launcher's Menus. They are also ignored by the Switch Task trigger and the End All Tasks Menu items.
  • Icons
    Add to this list those tasks that do not have their own icons. Tap the Pick icon button to assign any icon to such tasks, as well as override default icons for applications that do have their own icons.

Just below each list are located buttons that allow you to change elements of these lists:

  • Plus
    Adds new tasks/programs to the list.
  • Minus
    Removes the selected task/program from the list.
  • Properties
    Allows you to make the exception only if a program was run with certain parameters or a task has a certain title.
  • Pick icon (Icons tab only)
    Allows you to change the icon of the selected task.
HintsRNS:: logo

By default the ActiveSync ("repllog.exe") application is added to the Exclude list. This is done for your convenience, as this applications is running all the time after your PDA has been connected to a desktop computer for the first time, and you are normally not working with it actively.

By default the Icons list contains all applications found in your system that do not have their own icons. Among them usually are built-in applications such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks (all from "poutlook.exe"), and Phone ("cprog.exe"). Run the system Task Manager while these programs are running to see that they really do not have their icons.

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Pick Icon screen

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