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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "Go To" item typeRNS:: logo

Menu items with this type direct your default web browser to a specific address.

To add a Go To item to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > Go To.

Enter the target web site address in the Address text field, or tap the button to look up a particular address. This will open the Pick Address dialog box which contains four tabs:

  • Favorites
    Lists web sites marked in Internet Explorer as your favorite.
  • History
    Lists web site addresses that you recently typed into Internet Explorer's address bar.
  • From Shortcut
    Opens a file browser in search of Internet shortcuts (link files).
  • Schemes
    Lists all URI scheme names supported by the Windows Mobile system on your device. After selecting a scheme, tap OK and complete the URI manually by typing the address after the colon in the Address text field.
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