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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

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This group contains miscellaneous items not classified elsewhere:

  • Today
    Minimizes all running programs so as to display the "Today" screen.
  • Programs or Start
    Opens the "Programs" (older Windows Mobile versions) or "Start" (Windows Mobile 6.5) screen.
  • Settings
    Opens the system "Settings" screen (on Windows Mobile 6.5 opens the "Start" screen).
  • Run
    Opens a dialog box that lets you type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource in order to open it.
  • End All Tasks
    Terminates all running programs to free up system resources. Programs listed under Exceptions > Exclude are not terminated. All your data should remain safe, however save all open documents before using this option.
  • Find
    Opens the system file search dialog.
  • Rotate Screen
    Switches between horizontal and vertical orientation of the screen.
  • Lock
    Switches the system to the "Locked" state - protects the device against accidental pressing of buttons or tapping.
  • Turn Off
    Turns off the device (same as pressing the power button).
  • Soft Reset
    Reboots the Windows Mobile system. All your data should remain safe, however save all open documents before using this option.

To add any of these items to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > Special. Then pick one of the item types from the Special drop-down list.

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