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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Using Start Menu and Hi-Launcher simultaneouslyRNS:: logo

Although Hi-Launcher is a Start Menu replacement, there are a few configurations in which they can work together:

  • If you're using the Start button tap trigger, you can switch to any other trigger type (hard button press or screen gesture) to release the Start button instanly. As a result, tapping on the Start button will open the original Start Menu, while pressing the selected hard button or drawing a screen gesture will bring Hi-Launcher's Menu to screen.
  • You may, however, stay with the Start button tap trigger setting. Just set the Default option in the Display Options > Triggers tab > Double trigger-press setting. This way, the first time you tap on the Start button, Hi-Launcher's Menu will show up, and by pressing it again, the original Start Menu will take its place.
  • On Windows Mobile 6.5, even if you use the Start button tap trigger, you can still access the original Start Screen: tapping on the Start button will trigger Hi-Launcher, while tapping to the right of it will open the original Start Screen.
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