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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Setting a screen gesture triggerRNS:: logo

You should begin with opening the Menu Trigger screen or Switch Task Trigger screen in Hi-Launcher Settings and selecting the Screen gesture trigger.

Tap the Select the gesture button to open the trigger configuration screen. You will be instructed to do a screen gesture. Note that the gesture must be a straight line. It can be drawn in any direction, anywhere on the screen. Tap OK to save your gesture, or do another gesture to change the setting again. The selected gesture will become the trigger and you can later use it at any time to trigger Hi-Launcher's commands system-wide.

You can also tap the Optional gesture for landscape mode button. The screen will automatically switch to landscape mode and you'll be asked to perform the same actions as with the portrait-mode trigger. This option lets you have two completely different triggers in the two modes. If you don't use this option, the portrait-mode trigger will be automatically scaled whenever you're using the landscape mode. This option is not available on devices with square screens.

HintsRNS:: logo

We recommend trying with gestures originating from the top-right corner of the screen (where the OK or X button is located), and drawn either to the left, down, or diagonally.

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