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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

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"Menu trigger" is the action that you perform to make Hi-Launcher display its Menu. You must set it up so as to instruct Hi-Launcher when to display the Menu.

There are three different ways in which you can trigger the Menu:

  • Start button tap
    With this trigger setting, Hi-Launcher will work as a Start Menu replacement. Its Menu will pop up whenever you tap the Start button.
  • Hard button press
    Use this option to select a hard button that will trigger the Menu.
  • Screen gesture
    Use this option to define a straight-line pen stroke that will trigger the Menu.
HintsRNS:: logo

This trigger (as well as the Switch Task trigger) is automatically disabled while any program listed under Exceptions > Disable is running in the foreground.

Triggering the Menu for the first time after changing any of its settings might take a little longer than the subsequent triggerings. Let this not deter you from using Hi-Launcher until you complete its configuration.

On slower devices, the delay in triggering the Menu might be significantly reduced by placing less items in the topmost Menu and moving them under Submenu items.

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