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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "Triggers" tabRNS:: logo

The options in this tab change the way in which the Hi-Launcher's Menu pops up and in which it is dismissed:

  • Hold delay
    This setting applies only to the hard button press trigger with the press-and-hold only option enabled. It defines the threshold between normal and long press of a button. After moving the slider to the right, you'll have to keep the button pressed longer in order to trigger the press-and-hold command.
  • Hide the on-screen keyboard
    Automatically hides the on-screen keyboard (SIP) when the Menu pops up.
  • Auto Hide Menu/Select item in
    Defines the idle timeout after which the Menu is automatically dismissed or selected Menu item executed.
  • Double trigger-press
    You can select the action that is performed after you press the Menu trigger twice (the second press must occur while the Menu is visible): Hide Menu (simply dismisses the Menu), Select Item (executes the selected Menu item), Next Item (moves selection to the next Menu item), Today (displays the Today screen), Default (performs the trigger's default action), Switch task (takes you back to the previously used application, just like the Switch Task trigger).
  • Menu position on the screen
    You can specify the location of the Menu on the screen. By default it is the top-left corner, which corresponds to the original location of the Start Menu.
HintsRNS:: logo

If you set Start button tap as your Menu trigger, you may consider using the Default option for the Double trigger-press setting. This way the first time you press the Start button, Hi-Launcher's Menu will appear, and the second time you press it, the original Start Menu will show up.

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