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RNS:: HBX reviews by Handango customers

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I use my Sony Clie nz90 for studying all the time. The bible application I use can change the buttons for specific very handy uses so I configured it accordingly. I had to trade some of my hard button functionality for switching apps in the process though so I was never completely stylusless in switching from app to app. No longer! Now I am able to switch from the bible to the outline program while keeping my page scrolling, dictionary lookup, window switching... in the bible reader. I can focus on what is important rather than messing around with system level considerations while I am trying to learn. Try this for a few minutes and you''ll see how important it is. This one is well worth the money!
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Best button program - Should be standard on every palm! Bought it - used it - loved it. Super easy access to all my critical and heavily used programs (used on my pda phone).
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Great program! Simple to use! I tried the demo for about 4 hours and couldn't sleep without having the full version. I got out of bed just before midnight, downloaded the full version and set it up the next day just the way I want it!
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Access programs quickly! I have a Palm Vx that becomes so out of whack, the only way I can get to the digitizer is to use HBX. This is a must if your PDA slips out of calibration frequently. I have never had any problems with RNS software nor do I know the developers. All I know is they make good applications, and I support them.
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HBX is so simple but makes your life much easier. You no longer need to wait for the Launcher to show up as HBX widnow pops up immediately. Then you can select an application icon with a stylus or simply press the button again. And the beam receive switch - the right option in the right place :)
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