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Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: HBX - icon HBX:
Launch over 16 applications with only 4 hard buttons of your Palm device.

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Faster than any launcherRNS:: logo

With HBX you are no longer limited to launch only 4 applications with the four hard buttons of your PDA.
Now pressing each hard button pops up a window with a choice of 4 previously selected applications.
You can also assign 4 programs to the Calculator silk screen icon, and one per Up, Down and Center buttons.
Furthermore, each Graffiti character (letter, number, etc.) or keyboard key may be assigned to one program.

All these features make Hard Button Extender (HBX) much faster tool than any launcher or similar program!

Extend hard buttons even moreRNS:: logo
HBX not only can launch applications - it can also perform various actions with its key combinations:
  • initiate HotSync
  • brightness adjust
  • contrast adjust
  • call the Find dialog
  • turn off
  • lock the device
  • and more...
The window that pops up...RNS:: logo

Additionally, the window that pops up with a single button press contains:

  • clock
  • battery level indicator
  • free memory indicator
  • beam receive option switch
HBX pop up window
Device-specific extensionsRNS:: logo
Apart from the features for all Palm OS devices, Hard Button Extender (HBX) also offers:
  • Special functions for Treo smartphones:
    • Enhanced Keyguard option
    • Assign any action (e.g. launch a selected application) to the Home button New!
  • Special functions for Kyocera devices
  • Special functions for Sony Clié SL and SJ devices
Interactive HBX presentationRNS:: logo
HBX PresentationClick here to learn more about each feature in Hard Button Extender (HBX).
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Forum threadsForum - read comments about HBX and post your own messages.
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