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RNS:: Hi-Launcher FAQ

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How to dial phone numbers from the Menu?RNS:: logo

There are two possibilities:

Dial Contact Redial List

How to open web pages from the Menu?RNS:: logo

You can add web links to the Menu. Each Menu item will navigate your web browser to the selected address. Click here to read more about "Go To" items.

Go To

How to toggle devices on/off from the Menu?RNS:: logo

You can toggle Phone, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi power states directly from the Menu. Add Toggle items to your Menu. Tapping on these items will toggle the device on or off. Click here to read more about "Toggle" items.

Go To

How to terminate tasks from the Menu?RNS:: logo

There are two ways of terminating tasks (closing applications):

End Task List End All Tasks

How to switch between two foreground applications?RNS:: logo

With Hi-Launcher on Windows Mobile you can switch between two foreground applications like on desktop computers with the Alt+Tab or Command+Tab key combinations.

To do so, you have to configure Switch Task trigger first. You can assign any hard button or define any screen gesture to directly switch between running applications.

Switch Task Trigger Hard Button Trigger

My question is not listed in this FAQ!RNS:: logo
Use Hi-Launcher Forum - a message board - the preferred way to ask your questions. Everyone can benefit from the questions and answers posted there...
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