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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Status item typesRNS:: logo

This group contains items that display the current status of various system parameters:

  • Battery
    Displays information about remaining battery power.
  • Memory
    Displays information about storage, program, and card memory usage.
  • Date/Time
    Displays current date and/or time.

To add any of these items to your Menu, open the Design The Menu screen, tap the Plus button under the main list, and select Item type > Status. Then pick one of the item types from the Status drop-down list.

The specific pieces of information to be displayed in these Menu items can be freely modified. The item's caption can contain any number of special "placeholders" that display particular information in the actual Menu. Each placeholder is composed of the ^ character and a single letter. In the actual Menu it is replaced with the value of the particular property (battery power, free/total memory, or current date/time).

You can insert placeholders either by manually typing ^ and a single letter into the Caption field, or by selecting it from the list available under the button. Listed below are supported placeholders, by item type.

Placeholders for the Battery item:

  • Percent of battery charge remaining (^P)
  • Amount of battery voltage (^V)

Placeholders for the Memory item:

  • Storage memory in use (^U)
  • Free storage memory (^F)
  • Free storage memory percent (^P)
  • Total amount of storage memory (^T)
  • Program memory in use (^u)
  • Free program memory (^f)
  • Free program memory percent (^p)
  • Total amount of program memory (^t)
  • Storage card memory in use (^V)
  • Free storage card memory (^G)
  • Free storage card memory percent (^Q)
  • Total amount of storage card memory (^A)

Placeholders for the Date/Time item:

  • Current time (^T)
  • Current date in long format (^D)
  • Current date in short format (^d)
  • Current day of week (^W)
HintsRNS:: logo

Status items cannot be iconic (the Caption checkbox cannot be unchecked). If their caption was invisible, they wouldn't be able to display any information.

Placeholders used in items' captions are case sensitive.

Placeholders specific for a particular item type lose their functionality if used in captions of items of another type.

The Memory item supports up to 3 external storage cards. They use consecutive letters of the alphabet as placeholders. First (default) card uses: ^V, ^G, ^Q, ^A (respectively as mentioned above). Second uses: ^W, ^H, ^R, ^B. Third uses: ^X, ^I, ^S, ^C.

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