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RNS:: Hi-Launcher Reviews

bestwindowsmobileapps.comRNS:: logo
"We really like Hi-Launcher because of the customizing capabilities. The editing of the items found within allows users to make simple or complex menus. With many apps, you are limited to what the company offers. In this case, you will probably be the one limiting whatís on your menu because the list of features almost seems never-ending."
Full software review on bestwindowsmobileapps.com
Just Another Mobile MondayRNS:: logo
"Every once in a while a new application comes along that forces you to rethink how you actually use your mobile OS. Hi-Launcher provides a very suitable replacement for the built in Start Menu. The cascading menus and choices available allow the user to create a customized tool that allows for a much finer level of multi-tasking that is present in the stock Windows Mobile."
Full software review on Just Another Mobile Monday
MobileTopSoftRNS:: logo
"Hi-Launcher is highly configurable to your needs and speeds up the use of the PocketPC significant. One of the best features for me is the ability to create shortcuts to often used phone numbers. Also launching a program (including command line parameters) is fast and easy with one or two taps."
Full software review on MobileTopSoft
PDA-247RNS:: logo
"Itís great to see the superb Hi-Launcher released for Windows Mobile. Hi-Launcher gives direct access to all frequently used commands."
Full software review on PDA-247
pocketnow.comRNS:: logo
"If youíre big on customizing and organizing your device, Hi-Launcher can do that and more. Whether it pertains to functionality or appearance, you can essentially customize any part of the menu. For the power user in all of us, Hi-Launcher fills the void that is present when using other menus/launchers. It's also great for users who want complete control of their Start menu."
Full software review on pocketnow.com
SoftpediaRNS:: logo
"Developed by RNS::, Hi-Launcher not only makes oneís start menus look different, but it also simplifies and accelerates their access to various programs or functions of the smartphone."
Full software review on Softpedia
TamsPPCRNS:: logo
"Hi-Launcher is a must-have for all who dislike the WM 6.5 start menu. All others have to evaluate the benefits against the somewhat high cost and the speed penalty of replacing a core Windows component Ė I personally feel that the added possibilities are worth the minimal extra delay."
Full software review on TamsPPC
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