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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

The "Lists" tabRNS:: logo

This tab contains options determining the elements that are included in automatic List items:

  • Show hidden files
    This option specifies whether hidden programs, tasks, and other files are displayed in various screens of Hi-Launcher.
  • Reverse sort order (place oldest first)
    With this checkbox checked, the most recently accessed programs, tasks and redial items are placed at the bottom of the lists. Otherwise they are placed at the top.
  • Avoid duplicates with static Menu items
    This option deals with tasks and programs that should be included in a given list and that were already present in the designed Menu. If this checkbox is checked, they are not inserted into the Menu again. If it is cleared, duplicate items may appear in a single Menu.
  • Reduce lists that do not fit on screen
    Too long Menus do not fit on the screen. Normally you would deal with this problem by restructuring your designed Menu and moving excess items into submenus. With automatic lists it's not that easy, however, so there are two reduction mechanisms that can help you: By hiding captions (converts each oversized list into a row of captionless items - just like the original Start Menu does in the landscape mode), By hiding excess items (simply removes those list items that do not fit on the screen). Usually combining the two approaches gives the best results.
  • Redial
    This group of checkboxes lets you choose which recent calls should be taken into account while building redial lists. These are in order: Outgoing, Cancelled, Incoming, and Missed calls.
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