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RNS:: Time Logger

Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: Time Logger - icon Time Logger:
Time Logger counts how much time you spend in each application on your PDA.

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RNS:: Time Logger - software screenshot
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Main application screen

Main screen:

  • Shows all applications' total times.
  • Scroll down using stylus or up/down hard buttons.
  • Select an app and check it's 30 day history (App History menu command).
  • Check all applications' 30 day history (All Apps' History menu command).
Application history screen

Application history screen:

  • Shows history for last 30 days.
  • Use stylus to check specific day stats.
All applications' history screen

All applications' history screen:

  • Shows history for last 30 days (all applications).
  • Use stylus to check specific day stats.
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