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RNS:: Speedometer GPS forum thread

Additonal function to log the GPS dataRNS:: logo
Peter Habermehl wrote: May 17th, 2009

I would like to use the statistics Speedometer provides, like the mileage counter, average, maximum and current speed, but also generate a log file of the GPS data.

This would probably be a great feature for one of the next updates.

Thank you and best regards,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 20th, 2009
You can use our NMEA Logger to generate a log file. Unfortunately both programs cannot work simultaneously due to Palm OS single-threaded nature.

Peter Habermehl wrote: May 21st, 2009
Thank you, I already (tried to) use NMEA Logger.

My suggestion was to add the logger functionality to the speedometer program since - as you yourself stated - both programs cannot work simultaneously. As you already deal with the NMEA data in speedometer, it should not be a problem to log the data...

Best regards,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 22nd, 2009
This would add complication to Speedometer GPS, and I tend to keep my applications as simple and straightforward as possible. I created Speedometer GPS for home users and NMEA Logger for advanced users.

Peter Habermehl wrote: May 22nd, 2009
I understand, but how about an even more advanced user who needs both functions at the same time? :-))

Come on, from a programmer's point of view, where's the problem to open a file and write some data to it?

Well, maybe I should explain why I ask for this function:

Sometimes, we participate on some kind of car challenge. The challenge is to navigate with a little information given. Sometimes there is also a challenge to run a certain distance on a given average speed. This is where I would like to use Speedometer, because I then need a pretty precise speed display and also a mileage counter. Of course, the average speed display also helps. A stop- or countdown clock would also be of great use (another feature request ;-)))

But another task is sometimes to locate given photographs, e.g. like "turn right on the crossing shown in picture no. 5"
This is why I would like to log the GPS data while driving - just to be able to check if we've taken the right route and maybe take own pictures during the run and GPS-tag them lateron...
So - I really would need both functions at the same time, and I bet many other people would like the feature...

Give it a thought again, at least :-) One more button on the skin - like "Log on/off" :-))

Best regards,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 26th, 2009
I sent you an e-mail with the NMEA-logging version of Speedometer GPS. Just for you :)

Peter Habermehl wrote: May 31st, 2009
Yes :-) Thank you!

Tried it for a short moment and it seemed to work! But unfortunately my LifeDrive (reworked to a CF card instead of Microdisk) crashed again and I have to recover it before I can do some more testing...

Now, as you implemented it, go ahead and publish it :-))

Again, thanks and till soon!

Peter Habermehl wrote: June 15th, 2009

Thank you, it works perfect! Did expensive testing (largest log file was about 6 MB) and had no problems.

Now, is there any chance that you'll implement a "log on/off" item to the main menu and maybe a config like "append to existing / create new file" and "select filename"?

I mean, you made the tool much more useful by implementing the log function, so ... what do you think?

Again thank you and many greetings from Germany,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 15th, 2009
I don't really think so :) That functionality was just for you in Speedometer GPS :-)

Peter Habermehl wrote: June 15th, 2009
Actually I thought you're going to publish it after you've already done the work...

Well, I understand, thank you again - very nice work!

Best regards,
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