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Steve Bingham wrote: March 20th, 2003
Hi! I've installed the full version of HoHo onto my Palm Tungsten W. The program seems to work very well but I can't access the produced ringtones!

The first time I saved one I was told that there wasn't a system ringtone database and asked if I wanted one created. This is presumably where HoHo stores the new ringtones, but they don't appear in the phone application when I get it to list available ringtones.....

If you can help at all on this one I'd be very grateful, as the program itself seems excellent.

Many thanks,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 20th, 2003
Tungsten W is a new device, and I haven't had any chance to test it so far.
To help develop HoHo, please run MIDI_search.prc on your device and send the results to me.
Refer to this HoHo Discussion topic for more information on MIDI_search.prc: HoHo for Samsung I-300?.

Steve Bingham wrote: March 22nd, 2003
Thanks for the reply. I've now run the Midi search programme. I can send it all to you, once I work out how to get it onto my PC (!), but meanwhile the relevant bits seem to be as follows:

RecDB [smfr|GSMr|System Ring Tones|1|1]
PMrc [0|paganinimoto]

(this would seem to be the database created by HoHo with a ring tone I saved in it)

RecDB [smfr|msvc|MobileRingToneDB|34|34]
PMrc [0|Ring 3]
PMrc [1|Ring 2]

(this has all the Tungsten ringtones in it)

RecDB [smfr|psys|System MIDI Sounds|9|9]
PMrc [0|Alarm]
PMrc [1|Alert]

(this has the system alarm sounds)

Hope this is useful. Let me know if there's more information needed, or whether you can get HoHo to work for me on this device (I'm sure you can!).

Many thanks,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 22nd, 2003
Great. This information is even more than needed.
I will contact you directly via e-mail and send you a slightly modified HoHo version, so that you can see and tell me if it really works.

Steve Bingham wrote: March 23rd, 2003
Many thanks for the new version of HoHo, with which I am able to create ringtones for my Tungsten W.

Best wishes,

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 23rd, 2003
Thank you, Steve.
Starting with the next official release, HoHo will suport Tungsten W.

Tom Goode wrote: May 2nd, 2003
I would love to beta test this utility on my tungstenW

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 2nd, 2003
In fact it has already been tested and it works fine on Tungsten W, so there is currently no need for beta testers. You will have to wait for the official release (which won't be sooner than July, I'm afraid).

However I can make an exception for the previous full versions owners (up to version 3.7). Please contact me directly specifying the date of your HoHo purchase, and I will send you the Tungsten W compatible version immediately (ie. before the official release).

Currently I have no means to modify the trial version, sorry.

Tom Goode wrote: May 2nd, 2003
I have just purchased the software on palmgear.

Please send the patch if possible.


Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: May 3rd, 2003
Thanks. There you go!

nirvana wrote: June 13th, 2003
Is hoho software can add my alarm database and mobilephone database with new ringtone?
Up till now I just use 2 software.
1. Monkey tone, to transfer ringtone to my alarm database.
2. Then I use Treo Iring to transfer Ringtone from alarm database to mobile phone database.

Sadly when I want to buy this Treo Iring software, this product already discontinue. I can't find anymore in Palmgear.com

Any suggestion?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 14th, 2003
You can use the patched version to move/copy ringtones among all standard databases available on Tungsten W (alarms, ringtones).

This feature will also be available in the very next official HoHo release.

If you would like to get the patched version now, you must first buy the original full version, and ask me to send you the patched one.

Chris Gruhn wrote: June 26th, 2003
Sorry I don't know what version of HoHo I need to add more ringtones to my Palm Tungsten W? Can you help? Thank you kindly.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: June 26th, 2003
A new version that will support Tungsten W will be available in July.

Currently I possess an unofficial, slightly modified version 3.7 which also supports Tungsten W. I have patched only the full version, however, so to get it you must first buy the original version, and then ask me to send you the patched one.

Keith wrote: June 30th, 2003
please send the tungsten w patch


Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 2nd, 2003
There you go! Check your mailbox...

Jorge Rojas wrote: July 30th, 2003
How could i get palm tungsten w ring tones

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 30th, 2003
HoHo 4.0 is now available. It is fully Tungsten W compatible.
Take ringtones in any format that HoHo supports and then, using HoHo, export them to the Tungsten's MobileRingToneDB database.

Brett King wrote: August 31st, 2003
Gents - Any idea how to boost the volume of the ringer on the Tungsten W, it just isn't loud enough to be heard out on the street here in Hong Kong...

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: August 31st, 2003
Use HoHo's MIDI Editor, and its "MIDI => Scale Volumes" menu command. Set 127 for the "Maximum volume". You may also increase the "Minimum volume" setting.

P.S.: I rather you work on copies of your MIDI files.

Brett King wrote: August 31st, 2003
Thanks Radoslaw. I'll let you know how it goes...

murat erdemsel wrote: February 13th, 2004
i just downloaded the full version. it works great. Tho i can see why some of you having hard times to place ringtones to your Tungsten W. Midi Manager makes everything working. but i have a question. My phone rings max 3 times. My longer ring tones that i create in HOHO gets interrupted. there is this time limit thing going on somehow. is anyway to keep my long ring as long as it is? or make it repeat for more than 3 times? this might be an issue all about the W phone not the HoHo i expect. but any thoughts guys?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: February 14th, 2004
If the whole ringtone is played in HoHo, and also I suppose it is not interrupted when used as alarm (in applications like DateBook), then it must be the issue of Tungsten W phone system.

Well? Any ideas how to make it ring longer? Or repeat more than 3 times?

Marcinzky wrote: April 16th, 2004
Where i can get RTTTL tones???

graciious wrote: April 19th, 2004
Where do you get ringtones..

any free ones available?
- graciious

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: April 19th, 2004
You may take lots of text ringtones from the "Nokia", "Siemens", and "Ericsson" links available on HoHo's homepage. Then you may use HoHo to convert them to any format you like (e.g. RTTTL).

Greg Beckett wrote: July 23rd, 2004
To get the Tungsten W to connect on the Microcell Fido network in Canada, using the Palm OS 4.1.2 you need to:
- go to Preferences, Connection, and edit "Internet" using an APN address of "internet.fido.ca". You can re-name it something like Fido GPRS.
- then go to Preferences, Network, and set it up as follows: services:Internet, user:fido, password:fido, connection:fido GPRS or whatever you named it. click details, script, click end and select, send user ID, and click end and then send password. Good luck.

Steven James Burks wrote: March 30th, 2005
Hello Radoslaw,

I am the audio director for a mobile entertainment company trying to move into the space of producing ringtone content for Palm devices. As you probably know, the Smartphone operating system allows one to program 'themes' using XML and rendering a CAB file. One can program images, ringtones, and a customized layout to be installed on a Smartphone when the CAB file is executed.

Does Palm have anything similar to this? Our company is interested in developing similar 'themes' on Palm devices.

Is this possible?

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Steven James Burks
(206) 769-1990 Mobile
(425) 577-0201 Corporate
Director - Audio Development
Versaly Entertainment - www.versaly.com
"Big Entertainment on Small Screens"?

Johnnyhiep wrote: December 18th, 2005
I can play ringtone in HoHo, but I can't transfer to ringtone on my Palm Tungsten W. How can I transfer it ?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: December 18th, 2005
Johnyhiep, see the following HoHo FAQ topic for the instructions:
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