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RNS:: HBX reviews by PalmGear customers

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This app speeds up switching between apps. Once you have memorised which apps you've associated with each button, it can be much quicker. I've used it for about 4 years. I'm now using it on my T3. It does exactly as advertised and has not caused me any problems at all. The only potential downside is shortening your buttons' life. I make sure not to put my mosed used apps all on one button, but spead them around. That way I use all the buttons more evenly. A nice feature is that you can configure HBX to not be active in any application. That way, if a particular app has features within it that you like for using the buttons with that app, then you can configure HBX to not "launch" when that app is open.
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Very useful tool, especially the latest version. I recommend this soft. Now I can't live without it. One thing to do: I have T3, so: Dear RaNo, please add "show keyboard" (or "simulate up-stroke") option. I'am really tired with:
a) opening slider or
b) doing up-strokes or
c) searching apps menus (often app doesn't have keyb option).
With this option, this program will be GREAT and unique. No competitors.
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Program works as advertised. The program is slightly misnamed as it also extends the silkscreen "calculator" "button" (my primary use for the program). It would be helpful if the other silkscreen "buttons" were also redirectable. I had no problem running apps off the SD card. The program use is quite self-explanatory; I never had to look at the documentation. If you do not like the loss of the "calculator" silkscreen button on the T3, then this is the program for you!
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Excellent functionality. It does EXACTLY what it claims and have given me the ability to reduce by about 90% the time when I have to use the application launcher. Let's be honest, most of us have about 12 apps we use regularly so the ability to press combinations of the buttons to launch up to 16 apps (20 if you programme the Calc key too) means you can launch plenty of apps without touching the screen.
It's also great being able to program one particular 2-button combination to immediately sync. The worst thing about not having a cradle for my Clie is having to navigate to the Hotsync icon and taking about 5 selections to effect a sync. Now it's 2 buttons.
The price is fair and compares well with other similar apps. If you want more than 16 or 20 apps, Aardquick Button Launcher is similar but for simplicity, this one had the edge for me.
I try a lot of shareware - this one I bought after a day.
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The pros are: 1) ability to launch memory card applications 2) has seriously sped up my "getting-to-programs" by quickly accessing most used programs without having to use stylus or finger 3) the customer service rocks!- I had a number of problems because I'm using an older PDA (Visor Platinum), and he/she was very patient and extremely responsive...always within 24 hours. the cons? hanv't found any.
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Access programs quickly! I have a Palm Vx that becomes so out of whack, the only way I can get to the digitizer is to use HBX. This is a must if your PDA slips out of calibration frequently. I have never had any problems with RNS software nor do I know the developers. All I know is they make great applications, and I support them.
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I have a Palm Vx that becomes so out of calibration, the only way I can get to DigiFix (by another developer) is to use HBX. It gets to where I can't scroll or tap any icons. The only way I can access the Calibration icon is with HBX, which to me, makes it worth registering. This has made life a lot easier for me.
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The more I use this, the more I love it! This is awesome! I have the buttons assigned to get to apps much quicker than scrolling or using graffiti. This is the best!
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Great way to access all my programs quickly and easily without opening the tungsten!!! Had some slight problems which the developer helped to sort out :-)
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Excellent piece of software. I've tried the demo for two weeks, which only allows u to launch 4 programs + 1 program with up button, I was totally spoiled and registered HBX. Now i can launch 21 programs including the use of the up button and the calc. The clock feature is also nice and I guess the beam receive toggle can save u battery?? Those who don't have a hotsync cradle (I have a sj20) can bind one of the hard button extensions to hotsync without sacrificing the button's normal use. This program however can improve by making use of Sony's jog dial and back button for more features.
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