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Jordan wrote: January 23rd, 2008
I tried the version you have available for trial of 4.0.. however I've got a few questions/issues

1) Palm Centro support? I couldn't get the 5way select button to acknowledge. The up/down seemed to work as did the single button your trial allows. Does 4.0 also work with the new Palm Centros.. or was Treo only support added?

2) Are there any plans to offer a 'no-popup' option and switch to the first application if only a single hardbutton is pressed? I like the popup for some buttons.. but I really want your application to remap my "home" button.. to use with another launcher and only wanted a single press if possible.

3) Any chance to include the Home Button testing in your trial version? Other buttons can easily be modified by the palm OS, however the Home button is the one which causes most applications problems.. especially games which often remap that button to various other features. While I can test your 'multi-launch' ability.. I have no way to see if your app will behave when used in various other programs.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 26th, 2008

1) Palm Centro is now fully supported as of version 4.0 of HBX. The Up/Down/Center buttons perform their actions only over the HBX pop up window, so you first have to press any of the main 4 hard buttons (in the trial version: the first button only) and then Up, Down, or Center.

2) Yes, if you don't assign any actions to a button, it will behave as if there was no HBX. So you may assign the pop up window only to those buttons you wish.

3) You may always use the "Exclusions" options in HBX to disable HBX in games.

Jordan wrote: January 26th, 2008
Thanks for the reply.. but the answer you gave for #2 wasn't my question..

1) I wasn't refering to how to leave a button blank. but wondering if there was or would ever be a way to assign an app to a hardbutton WITHOUT having the popup.. for example, if I want the Home Button to launch an app called "Ultimate Phone" without having to press the home button twice. One for popup and one for launch. That's the one feature that would push me over the fence on ordering this. I love the fact that you can set multiple options for some buttons.. but for ease of use, I'd rather leave my home button set to launch my favorite launcher with just one click. Wondering if that is on the roadmap anywhere or if it's a feature you just aren't going to add. (If not i might end up using multiple button remapers :(. I really wish Palm would have let us map that button in the Preferences.)

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: January 28th, 2008
OK, now I understand and I must admit that this is a great idea. Most probably I will add such feature in the next version.
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