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RNS:: TopSelecText version history

New in version 4.4RNS:: logo
  • Option to scroll one page up/down with the Shift+Up/Down combination.
  • Fixed 5-Way Navigator support in the TopSelecText panel in Prefs.
  • Bugfix: could crash if the hyperlink option was used to dial a phone number from a note in Contacts.
Name ChangeRNS:: logo

On 03/14/2008 all RNS:: products related with Treo change their name prefix from "Treo" to "Top".
The change was necessary after Palm released a new Treo smartphone (Centro) under a non-Treo name.
All our products remain unchanged, and they are compatible with Treo and Centro smartphones.
Here is the complete list of name changes:
RNS:: TreoAreaCodes ==> RNS:: TopAreaCodes
RNS:: TreoCallLogTool ==> RNS:: TopCallLogTool
RNS:: TreoCameraTimer ==> RNS:: TopCameraTimer
RNS:: TreoCommandBar ==> RNS:: TopCommandBar
RNS:: TreoCrashLog ==> RNS:: TopCrashLog
RNS:: TreoHomeFix Hack ==> RNS:: TopHomeFix Hack
RNS:: TreoNaviText ==> RNS:: TopNaviText
RNS:: TreoOfflineViewer ==> RNS:: TopOfflineViewer
RNS:: TreoRingtoneInstaller ==> RNS:: TopRingtoneInstaller
RNS:: TreoSelecText ==> RNS:: TopSelecText
RNS:: TreoShortCuts ==> RNS:: TopShortCuts
RNS:: TreoVCardReceiver ==> RNS:: TopVCardReceiver
RNS:: TreoPack 2008 ==> RNS:: Phone Tools Pack 2008

New in version 4.3RNS:: logo
  • Option to copy selected text or paste text at cursor with the Shift+Center combination.
  • "file:///" scheme support in the "Hyperlink" feature (by default opens files in Blazer).
  • Bugfix: the "Hyperlink" feature executed on phone numbers immediately dialed numbers instead of allowing the choice of sending an SMS message in the "Shift mode".
  • Enhanced German format phone numbers detection for the "Hyperlink" feature.
New in version 4.2RNS:: logo
  • Significant speed optimization.
  • Enhanced phone numbers detection for the "Hyperlink" feature.
  • Bugfix: TreoSelecText also operated with the Option key state active in the "Shift mode".
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes...
New in version 4.1RNS:: logo
  • The "Shift mode" option - no need to hold the Shift button to use TreoSelecText - this gives one-handed use.
  • Enhanced quotation-marks and parentheses selection.
New in version 4.0RNS:: logo
  • The "Hyperlink" feature under the Shift+Center combination - dial numbers, navigate to web addresses, look up names.
  • Option to select sentences with all combinations.
  • Option to move cursor to the top/bottom of a text field.
  • Option to disable Shift+Up/Down combinations.
  • "RNS:: TST" Prefs panel redesigned.
  • Operation sounds added.
  • Bugfix: the Shift+Center combination did not work on Treo 650.
  • Bugfix: fixed compatibility problems with some applications.
New in version 3.2RNS:: logo
  • 5-Way Rocker navigation in the "RNS:: TST" Prefs panel.
New in version 3.1RNS:: logo
  • Option to show system Command Bar with the Shift+Center combination.
  • Option to uncheck all checkboxes in the "Exclusions" screen.
New in version 3.0RNS:: logo
  • Option to disable TreoSelecText in selected applications (where it conflicts with the application's support for the Shift+5-Way Rocker key combinations).
  • TreoSelecText is now a panel in "Prefs" instead of a standalone application.
  • New, lower price!
New in version 2.0RNS:: logo
  • The Shift/Caps Lock state is reset after any TreoSelecText operation.
  • Option to force whole words selection on selections longer than one word.
  • Option to select by characters instead of by words.
  • Option to disable the TreoSelecText functionality for the Shift+Center combination.
  • Option to select current word with the Shift+Center combination.
  • Option to select whole text field with the Shift+Center combination.
New in version 1.0RNS:: logo
  • First release.
See alsoRNS:: logo
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