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RNS:: Toolbar+

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platform: Palm OS

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RNS:: Toolbar+ - icon Toolbar+:
Add new icons to the default command bar!

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Add new icons to the default toolbar!RNS:: logo
With RNS:: Toolbar+ you can add new icons to the system toolbar (also known as command bar).
The customized toolbar / commandbar is available for all applications system-wide.
Together with the default Undo Undo, Cut Cut, Copy Copy, and Paste Paste icons, you can have the following commands in any combination and in any order:
  • BeamBeam - beam selected text to the Memo Pad application on another handheld.
  • SendSend - send selected text. You can choose means of transfer and destination.
  • PrintPrint - print selected text to a printer by the IR port.
  • Go ToGoTo - dial a phone number, follow a web address or an e-mail address from the selection.
  • Phone LookupPhone Lookup - use the Address application to find contact information.
  • SqueezeSqueeze - remove double spaces, double tabs, and all <32 ASCII characters.
  • IndentIndent - indent selected lines (used e.g. in source codes).
  • UnindentUnindent - unindent selected lines (used e.g. in source codes).
  • No HTMLNo HTML - remove HTML tags (all texts between the "<" and ">" characters).
  • PresentPresent - present only the selected text on full screen.
  • Upper CaseUpper Case - change selected text to the upper case.
  • Lower CaseLower Case - change selected text to the lower case.
  • CapitalizeCapitalize - upper case the initial letters only (in each word). Lower case the rest.
Treo and Centro smartphonesRNS:: logo
Although Treo and Centro devices normally do not provide the system toolbar, you may use RNS:: Toolbar+ together with RNS:: TopCommandBar to get the same functionality as all other Palm OS devices have.
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Forum threadsForum - read comments about Toolbar+ and post your own messages.
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