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Plug-ins for RNS:: HoHo

IntroductionRNS:: logo

The functionality of HoHo can be greatly extended by installing plug-ins.
If you don't install them, some features will not be available, and a few other will ask for a plug-in.

All plug-ins are free and can be downloaded directly from this web site by clicking on them.
They are also included in the HoHo's Download ZIPZIP and Download SITSIT packages.

Format plug-insRNS:: logo
These plug-ins are used by HoHo as codecs for text ringtones in various formats:
MIDI plug-insRNS:: logo
These plug-ins operate on MIDI files (System Alarms and Ringtones for Treo smartphones):
Keyboard plug-insRNS:: logo
These plug-ins are used for professional music creation:
  • Piano - for creating musing by tapping on piano keys
  • Staff - for copying notes from sheet-music
Ringtone plug-insRNS:: logo
These plug-ins operate on text ringtones in HoHo:
  • Ringtone Save - save and load your ringtones from Memos / Memo Pad.
  • Ringtone Editor - provides the following commands: 'Replace', 'Print'.
  • Instruments - playback with use of 128 synthetized MIDI instruments.
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