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RNS:: Hi-Launcher

Software author: Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::)
Target platforms: Palm OS, Windows Mobile

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RNS:: Hi-Launcher - icon Hi-Launcher for
Windows-like Start Menu for Palm OS! Switch between applications immediately!

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RNS:: Hi-Launcher - software screenshot
Start Menu in your Palm device that pops up anywhere!RNS:: logo
Hi-Launcher adapts the Start Menu known from desktop computers to Palm OS handhelds.
This lets you switch between your PDA applications immediately and directly!
You can select a triggering button that will pop-up the Menu over any running application.
You design it!RNS:: logo
It's totally up to you how the Menu looks - you can design it yourself. These illustrations are just examples:

Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu
Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu

Different needs, different fancies, different Menus!

Now you may adjust the whole Menu to your needs:
  • frame, splitter, font, and background colors
  • frame, splitter, and font styles
  • item size and order
  • unlimited submenu hierarchy
  • pop-up animation
  • pop-up trigger
Hi-Launcher - Sample Menu
Main Hi-Launcher featuresRNS:: logo
  • The Menu is completely configurable. See it!
  • The Menu may consist of a virtually unlimited number of submenus.
  • Each submenu can have a screen-size-limited number of items.
  • Each item may function as an application launch command, or can perform a special action:
    • Recent Application - go back to the most recently used application.
    • Bluetooth - toggle the Bluetooth radio on/off to save battery.
    • Beam Receive - toggle the "Beam Receive" option.
    • Backlight - toggle the backlight (if available).
    • Network - toggle network connections on/off without entering the "Prefs" panel.
    • Find - same as tapping the "Find" silk-screen icon.
    • Start HotSync - same as pressing the "HotSync" button on your cable/cradle.
    • Turn Off and Lock - turns off and locks your handheld.
    • and more...
  • And a few actions especially for Treo smartphones:
    • Redial - dial the most recently dialed phone number.
    • Dial - dial a predefined phone number.
    • Radio - toggle the Wireless Mode.
    • and more...
  • The Menu may be shown at any time. It will pop-up over any running application. See it!
  • The method of popping-up the Menu is also completely configurable. This may be:
    • Hard button press (or press-and-hold). See it!
    • Silk-screen icon tap (or tap-and-hold). See it!
    • Silk-screen stroke. See it!
  • Additional independent trigger to immediately launch most recently used application.
  • Double Density, Stretch Display, Hi-Res, Hi-Res+, and Hi-Color support.
  • 5-Way Navigator, Jog Dial Navigator, and Rocker Switch support.
  • Can launch DAs (desk accessories) and applications from expansion cards.
  • Runs on all Palm Powered devices with Palm OS 3.5 and higher. No hacks needed on Palm OS 5 and newer.
Supported technologiesRNS:: logo
supports Double Density
supports Stretch Display
supports Hi-Res
supports Hi-Res+
supports Hi-Color
supports 5-Way Navigator
supports Jog Dial Navigator
supports Rocker Switch
supports Palm OS 3.5
supports Palm OS 4
supports Palm OS 5
supports VFS support
supports DA launching
supports Bluetooth
supports Phone
supports Network
AwardsRNS:: logo
Handango's Best Productivity Application
"I commend RNS:: for winning the Best Productivity Application award in the most recent People's Choice Awards," said Clint Patterson, vice president of marketing at Handango. "Winning this award is an impressive achievement and makes a strong statement about the quality of RNS:: products and their prominence in the Developer community."
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